About Me

Who Sara Is

Sara Has a Business Degree from Central Michigan University. She is a Libertarian content creator, a Transexual woman, and a Military Veteran. She is a Member of the Gender Dysphoria Alliance, has her own Youtube Channel and has been featured on programs such as The KWOS Morning Show with Austin Petersen and John Marsh, as well as The Blaze TVs Slightly Offensive with Elijah Shaffer. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Sara_H225.

The Steubens Ltd Brand.

is built on a foundation and belief in the American Constitution. Specifically, the right that all people have to defend themselves. The founder is an 8-year Army Vet that is dedicated to helping people who are typically vulnerable to attack, receive self-defense training. Whether that is with a firearm or hand to hand combat, we believe that all persons should be trained in every tool available to lower the chances of being a victim. We are proud supporters and open to working with any apolitical business or organizations that support the ideals of self-defense for all people.


The Name

Baron Von Steuben played a very important part in the American Revolution. Much of what he did is still used in the America Military today. He was a Prussian General in which was brought to Valley Forge to serve as George Washington’s chief of staff and train the troops (who many saw as the turning point in the war). The formations and marches are used today in modern Drill and Ceremony. He was also named as the Inspector General of the continental Army and established the foundations for which the current Quartermaster Corps. is built upon.

He was a huge part of the founding of our country and by proxy our constitution, it is also widely known that he was a gay man. This was a time in history where being gay could have been punished by death. When he was chosen by Benjamin Franklin to serve under Washington his reputation was well known, but looked past because of his abilities. It was the first sign of American acceptance of the LGBT community, even if it was more under the ideals of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.


Here at Steubens Ltd. we firmly believe that all people are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, and stand against anyone willing to take away their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.